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ARK: Rural Accommodation Association of Asturias, groups accommodation located in the Rural surroundings (Village houses, rural hotels, rural apartments, hostels and holiday homes). They all share the same challenges and jointly seek solutions to be increasingly professional.

In this way, they get improve quality of their services but also help economic development of their villages and towns, weighting all the resources available to visitors: nature, culture, gastronomy, heritage, traditional events and active tourism activities.

Although each region of the Principality of Asturias provides differentiated values, at ARCA we support the implementation of joint initiatives with the ASTURIAS brand and our protected natural spaces in the foreground.

Our lines of work include sustainability (sanitation, ecotourism: Biosphere Reserves, local commerce ...), digitalization (fiber, web, app, smart rural ...), promotion (fairs, forums, social networks, media and mobile marketing ) and direct and intermediated commercialization (rural tourism observatory, stimulate receptive agencies ...).

Definition of rural accommodation, quality categories and brands


Village houses are the autonomous and independent dwellings, whose characteristics are those typical of the traditional Asturian architecture of the area, in which the lodging service and, eventually, other complementary services are provided by means of a price.

Full contracting of the property for the exclusive use of the contractor, in conditions and with the equipment, facilities and services that allow its immediate use.

Room rental with cleaning service and breakfast offer.

They will be classified into three categories identified by one, two and three “trisqueles”.


The rural apartments are those buildings or buildings that respond to the traditional Asturian architecture of the area, providing by price the accommodation service in conditions that allow its immediate use. Rural apartments are classified into four categories, identified by keys.


The rural hotels are those establishments located in buildings of unique architectural value or that respond to the traditional Asturian architecture of the area that, offering accommodation, occupy the whole of a building, buildings or independent part of them, constituting their dependencies a homogeneous whole , with entrances, stairs and elevators of exclusive use.

Rural hotels are classified into five categories, identified by stars, according to the quality of their facilities and services and compliance with the requirements indicated for hotels in general.


Holiday homes are those in which only the accommodation service is provided by price, in a habitual and professional manner. In any case, they will only refer to the entire accommodation and not to the rooms.

The holiday homes belonging to ARCA are located in a rural setting: they are necessarily located in traditional settlements with a population of less than five hundred inhabitants, or in undeveloped land.


It is considered a holiday resort with the specialization of rural tourism, the complex of tourist offer that, in addition to providing the accommodation service in one or more of the modalities of rural tourism, responds to a unitary project of planning, management and business exploitation and is located in homogeneous geographical areas.

The specialization of rural tourism nucleus offers, in addition to the offer of accommodation, the provision of other complementary services, and always, at least, the restoration.


Regardless of the modality of accommodation of rural tourism adopted, the specialty of agrotourism will be applied to establishments that are integrated in farms, livestock or forestry that, together with lodging, offer services generated by the farm itself, enabling the participation of the client in the accomplishment of certain tasks proper to exploitation.


Quality Mark of the Principality of Asturias that highlights a group of rural accommodation establishments (village houses and rural apartments) whose excellent equipment and service makes the visitor feel at home. Those adhering to this Brand submit themselves every year to an external audit of their facilities and to the evaluation of their service through an anonymous client, which ensures the quality levels.

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